St. Francis House began in 1999 as an intentional residential Christian community in a house overlooking downtown New London. In 2002 we expanded to include the adjacent Victory House property to provide more living accommodations as well as office and meeting space. Today, these two buildings anchor St. Francis House.

The founding motivation to serve as a place of prayer, a house of hospitality, and a center for peace and justice ministry continues to be informed by Franciscan tradition, Gandhian nonviolence, and the Catholic Worker movement. Through the years St. Francis House has evolved to include many people not in residence as well as some with different spiritual paths but who share values and social justice commitments.

Since 1999 members of the St. Francis House community have been involved in efforts responding to crises and opportunities with action. This dynamic has in some instances led to the creation and/or critical support of new initiatives serving New London and beyond involving homelessness, urban education, peace witness and anti-racism work, community gardening and food policy, youth empowerment and exploring new ways to understand and change our local economy.

We strive to be open and responsive to the needs of our neighbors.