Clarification of Thought

In both Fall and Spring, every other Friday evening we host a public engagement on a contemporary topic. We begin with a presentation, often by an invited guest, and then engage the experiences and wisdom of all, to gain personal clarity on the theological and ethical questions connected to the topic. The emphasis is on personal clarity rather than a “right” answer.  Join us for:  5:30 Evening Prayer, 6:00 Vegetarian Supper, 7:00 – 8:30 Conversation.

Last spring we tried a different format for Clarification of Thought. Instead of asking our presenters to focus on a particular topic, we asked them to reflect on how their particular religious tradition – Buddhist, Hindu, Quaker, Reform Judaism, Muslim, Roman Catholic, Tlingit (Native American) had informed their lives with respect to whatever life experiences they were inspired to share. It was a very powerful and moving series.

We therefore gave some thought as to how to continue to have presenters draw from their experiences in ways which would help everyone present to clarify their own thought. Given the divided state of the country, we decided to ask our presenters to share stories of the fears each of them has had to deal with that have impacted their public life. Our hope is that everyone present will have their thought clarified, leading to better understanding of how each of us faces our own fears.

Fall CoT Series:  FACING FEAR
Telling Our Stories

Date Presenter
September 21 Reid Burdick
October 5 Anne Wernau
October 19 Joanne Sheehan
November 2 Kevin Booker
November 16 Bill Foster
November 30 Adam Sprecace
December 14 Wrap-up

Schedule for each evening
5:30 Evening Prayer  •  6:00 Supper  •  7 – 8:30 Conversation