Clarification of Thought

NOTE: Due to COVID-19 we have been hosting our series via Zoom. For information please email us at

In both Fall and Spring, every other Friday evening we host a public engagement on a contemporary topic. We begin with a presentation, often by an invited guest, and then engage the experiences and wisdom of all, to gain personal clarity on the theological and ethical questions connected to the topic. The emphasis is on personal clarity rather than a “right” answer. 

Clarification of Thought: Fall 2023

Moral Concerns about Technology 

Sept. 20-

Oct. 4-

Oct. 18-



Nov. 29-

Dec. 13




February 25, 2022 – Monetizing the Tree of Life & How Corporations became “Persons” –  Anne Scheibner –  Here are the notes from this presentation:

April 22, 2022 – Trust in God and Love Your Enemies: Monetizing “Defense” and “Security” – Frida Berrigan – Here are the notes:

Schedule for each evening
•  6:45 Check-In

• 7 – 8:30 Presentation & Discussion