Clarification of Thought

cot2In both Fall and Spring, every other Friday evening we host a public engagement on a contemporary topic. We begin with a presentation, often by an invited guest, and then engage the experiences and wisdom of all, to gain personal clarity on the theological and ethical questions connected to the topic. The emphasis is on personal clarity rather than a “right” answer.  Join us for:  5:30 Evening Prayer, 6:00 Vegetarian Supper, 7:00 – 8:30 Conversation.

Topics to be presented and discussed for the Fall 2017 Series:

Peace & Security in SE CT

Sept. 22
Poverty and Homelessness

David Gonzalez Rice

Oct. 6Race and Poverty

Pam McDonald

Oct. 20:  The Church and Community Development

Rev. Dawrell Rich

Nov. 3:  Urban Ministry and the Signs of the Times

Rev. Ranjit Mathews

Nov. 17:  The Principalities and Powers

Bill Wylie-Kellermann

Dec. 1:  Politics, Polity and Advocacy

Byron Rushing

Dec. 15:  Reflections and Wrap-Up

Deacon Ellen Adams & Len Raymond

Schedule for each Friday

5:30 Evening Prayer  •  6:00 Supper  •  7 – 8:30 Conversation