Broad Street Blues

Broad Street Blues is the remarkable record of this unlikely community (spanning heaven and earth) as they take Jesus seriously.”  – Jim Douglas

The spiritual energy of St. Francis of Assisi and Jesus of Nazareth leap off the pages of Broad Street Blues.  This inspiring work illustrate how human life can be transformed from aimlessness and despair to hope and purposefulness.  The vital connection of prayer and action is made real – a “must read” for 21st century Christians.

“Read and be amazed. Read and give thanks. Read and be encouraged for the journey. Here are ordinary people who have done an extraordinary thing. Are we not all called by Jesus to do the same? Their journey enriches our own and we are deeply grateful for this fruit of their labor.” – Msud Ibn Syedullah, TSSF; Former Minister Provincial, Province of the Americas, The Third Order, Society of St. FrancisMurphy Davis and Eduard Loring, founders and partners in the Open Door Community.